Frequently Asked Questions

1.  My water is murky / brown in colour.

When the water is pumped into the tank, it stirs up any natural sediment lying in the bottom of the tank.  We recommend you give the water 2 hours to settle if possible, before using.The sediment will settle below where the outlet is and water drawn off the top will be clean and clear.

2.  How often should I have my water tank cleaned?

Tanks should be inspected annually and cleaned if necessary.  Tank cleaning should ideally be carried out by a professional tank cleaning contractor. Please contact us for details of a tank cleaner in your area.

3.  What can I do to keep my tank water clean?

To prevent contamination of the tank, install a gutter mesh and cover the tank openings to prevent animals, birds or other matter from entering. Roof areas should be kept clear of overhanging vegetation to prevent leaves and debris falling on to the roof and to help prevent rodents, cats and possums having access to the roof or to allow birds to roost nearby.

4.  My water smells - why is this and what can be done?

There could be several reasons for this.  Your water source and whether your water is contaminated.

  • All water supplied by North Harbour Water is potable (safe to drink) water and is only taken from Watercare Metered Tanker Filling Stations.  This means the water we supply is Class 1(a) and meets the requirements by Ministry of Health for drinking water standards.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.
5.  How much water does my tank hold?

Standard water tanks hold approximately 22,000 - 25,000 litres (around 5.8 gallons).  North Harbour Water trucks carry 11,000 litres, which will half fill a standard water tank (from empty).

6.  How long will a load of water last?

If there is no rainfall to top up your tank, most four person families will use a load (11,000 litres) in 2-3 weeks.

7.  How do I check my tank's water level?

If you can, grab a ladder and look inside your tank.  Alternatively, you can attach a hose to the outlet of the tank and lift the hose to the point where no water flows.  Where the water stops flowing is where the water level is.  You can try knocking on the side of the tank and notice where the sound changes, although this is not a very accurate way to check the water level!

Our top tips for checking a tank's water level are:
1)  Keep your ladder near your water tank.
2)  Check your water once a week.  
3)  Install a tank level indicator.  Contact us if you need recommendations for buying and installing the indicator.



North Harbour Water Carriers is a Ministry of Health registered water carrier with 20 years of experience. We specialise in delivering bulk water supplies to both commercial and residential customers around Auckland, 7 days per week.



  • Residential water tanks
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial water supply
  • Public events
  • Bulk water for civil emergencies
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