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Auckland Only

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confirmation is required from a North Harbour Water representative of your desired delivery date prior to completing this form. Any delivery date/time is an estimate only. Please contact Gary on 021 630 322.

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Please ensure clear and free access to enable our drivers to deliver. Whilst all effort and care will be taken, North Harbour Water is not liable for damage caused during delivery.  Please confirm below:

Truck can access tank?
Dog/s will be tied up?
Electric fences turned off?
Gates will be open (or Gate code supplied)?
Driveway is clear of vegetation and overhanging trees? Our tankers need clear driveway access of 3 metres wide x 3 metres high

Additional instructions for driver (eg. Property information, tank location etc)

Water to be Supplied:

(11,000 litres per load) 


Note: prices are based on loads supplied rather than litres, ie there is no discount for part loads supplied.


Cancellation of an order must be made directly to Gary on 021 630 322 at least 24 hours prior to the driver being dispatched.

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