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Who we are

North Harbour Water Carriers has been supplying water for more than 26 years by the founder to residential properties north of the Auckland harbour bridge and to businesses, commercial projects and community events Auckland wide. 


A whaanau owned and operated business, we believe that by supporting our local community, businesses and schools, together we all contribute to the successful future of our tamariki. 

Ensuring consumers have a safe and secure supply of drinking water that is free from contamination is vital for health and wellbeing.  North Harbour Water Carriers is committed to upholding Te Mana o te Wai and reflecting this through our plans and processes; protecting the water we have access to along with exercising our responsibility to take all care that the water we transport is safe and providing additional assistance and education around water health for consumers.


Amohia Ake Te Ora o Te Iwi Ka Puta Ki Te Whei Ao

To protect the wellbeing of our people is paramount

An essential and prompt service

When you need a quality source of clean drinking water for your water tank, a swimming pool filled or bulk water supplied to a commercial site or project, we provide an essential and prompt service. 

We operate a fleet of tankers that are available for many residential and commercial applications.  You can read more about the services we offer here 

To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Have questions?

Find information and answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions here.

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