Frequently asked questions

How do I order water?

Summer Season Orders (Dec - April) During our summer season when there is high demand, we ask that you please phone Gary direct on 021 630 322 to order. When demand is high, we operate a wait list for orders. As the influx of orders and queries sent by text message (and email) creates a backlog, it is likely that any messages sent this way will go into the backlog. For fastest response, please phone Gary direct: 021 630 322. Low Season Orders Phone Gary direct on 021 630 322, or you can text message him.

I sent a text message for water.  Am I on the waitlist, is my order confirmed?

Confirmation of delivery (or your place on our summer waitlist) will be made by return text, telephone call or email to you. If you haven't received confirmation back, then your order is not confirmed. During summer when demand is high, we ask that orders are placed by telephone call only to Gary direct on 021 630 322. This ensures fastest response and you will receive confirmation of your delivery. At other times of the year (outside of summer), you will receive confirmation back, usually in the same way you requested a delivery.

How much water do you supply?

Our water tankers carry 11,000 litres. You can order anything up to 11,000 litres or multiple tanker loads to be supplied, eg. 22,000 litres, 33,000 litres etc.

How much does it cost?

The cost to supply water is based primarily on the time and distance it takes to transport the water to your address. We need to know your letterbox number and street to give you a price to supply. You can contact us for a price by clicking on the CONTACT button at the top of this page.

What if I only need a small amount supplied (less than 11,000 litres)?

That's no problem. We can supply smaller amounts, however as the primary costs incurred in the transportation and time taken for our driver to deliver remain the same, we will need to charge the full tanker load.

What access do you need?  Do I need to be home for delivery?

Our tankers need driveway access of 3 metres tall by 3 metres wide. If you have a driveway surrounded by vegetation and overhanging trees, please ensure they are trimmed back to allow access. If you visualise a line from the edges of your driveway vertically and horizontally by 3 metres, anything within that space needs to be trimmed. We carry 60 metres of hose. If your tank is further than 60 metres from the truck, you will need to let us know in advance of delivering. If our tanker arrives to your address and we're unable to supply due to the distance to the tank, a call out fee may be incurred. If the tanker is required to access your tank by driving into a paddock or on grass that you wouldn't take your own vehicle, please consider alternative access for us (eg. neighbour's driveway - ask them first!). Dogs need to be tied up and gates left open where possible (or gate code advised). Where there is no reasonable access or we have not been advised prior to delivery of any of the above, we take no liability for damage incurred during delivery. Generally, we don't need anyone to be home at time of delivery as our drivers can locate most tanks. Some customers send us a photo of their tank location. If there are special delivery instructions, a gate code or dogs on your property, please advise these details when making a booking.

I don't know what size my tank is?

Most standard residential tanks hold between 3,000 to 5,000 gallons. In litres this is approximately: - 13,368 litres (3,000 gallons) - 22,730 litres (5,000 gallons) A delivery of 11,000 litres will half-fill a standard 5,000 gallon tank from empty.

How do I make payment?

Our payment terms are Prepayment or Payment on Delivery. Our drivers leave a delivery invoice once they have supplied. Our trucks don't carry eftpos and we don't currently accept credit card payment. You can make payment by cheque, cash or direct credit. Our bank account details are on the delivery invoice. If you misplace your invoice, email us at: Please note we don't offer credit accounts. Please ensure you pay your invoice promptly to avoid incurring overdue charges.

I've ordered water, what time will you be here?

If we have confirmed back with you a delivery date, we will get your water to you on that day. During our low season we accommodate requested delivery times as much as possible.

In the summer season we need to manage a very demanding schedule. We want to get your water to you as soon as possible. We can have the driver call/text you when he is on his way if necessary. However, please refrain from phoning before 6pm to see what time the driver will be there. Additional calls made to us means other people wanting to order water can’t get through. If it is getting into the evening and your water hasn’t arrived yet, feel free to phone Gary on 021 630 322 to follow up.

How long does a load of water (11,000 litres) last?

If there is no rainfall to top up your tank, most four person families will use a load (11,000 litres) in 2-3 weeks. We highly recommend the following: - keep an eye on your water tank levels. If you don't have a tank level indicator, grab a ladder and have a look inside your tank. An easy way to remember to check your tank levels is to link it with another habit, ie. every time you put out your rubbish bin for collection, check your tank. Keep a ladder handy to the tank for this purpose. - A tank level indicator is in our opinion, an essential and wise investment. You don't have to spend a lot but the inconvenience involved in running out of water costs a lot more! Contact us for a recommendation as to where to obtain a cost effective tank level indicator.

My water smells strongly of chlorine.  Why is this?

There could be several reasons for this. Your water source and whether your existing tank water is contaminated. All water delivered by North Harbour Water Carriers is potable (safe to drink) and is only taken from Watercare metered tanker filling stations. This means the water we deliver is Class 1(a) and meets the requirements by Ministry of Health for drinking water standards. When we pump water into a tank, the fresh water we have supplied mixes with any existing water. Any sediment in the bottom of the tank is stirred up and we advise that the water is left for at least 2 hours if possible, for the sediment to settle. Sometimes when the water already in the tank and the introduced water is mixed together, a reaction can occur between the chlorine (free available chlorine) in the drinking water delivered and the sediment/sludge in the bottom of the tank. This causes the drinking water to have a ‘chlorine odour’. The problem is solved when the household tank is emptied, any sediments are removed, the tank is cleaned and refilled with drinking water. If you need a recommendation for a professional tank cleaner, contact us. If your water source is predominantly rainwater via your roof spouting, you may need to check the spouting, down pipes as well as your tank. Refer to this link for helpful information on keeping your household water safe and free from contamination.

How often should I get my tank cleaned?

Tanks should be inspected annually and cleaned if necessary. Tank cleaning should ideally be carried out by a professional tank cleaning contractor. Contact us for details of a tank cleaner in your local area.

How do I cancel an order?

We require at least 48 hours of your intention to cancel an order. 1) Please phone Gary direct on 021 630 322. AND 2) Please also email: If it's during the summer season and you are struggling to get through on the phone to Gary, it's imperative that you email us: If we don't receive advice of your cancellation and one of our tankers delivers to your address, a call out fee will be incurred. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions

I'm new to tank water, what do I need to know?

The average person uses 180 litres of water per day. Most 4 person families use 11,000 litres (half a tank) of water in 2-3 weeks. It's a good idea to check your tank water levels frequently. If there isn't a visible tank level indicator which shows the water level from the outside, you will need to look inside your tank. During the summer months, you will need to keep an eye on the water level so that you don't run out of water. The best time to order a delivery of water is when the tank is a third full. Tips for checking your tank water: 1) Keep your ladder near the water tank 2) Check your water once a week. A good time to do this is every time you put the rubbish out. Linking this action with another will soon create a habit. 3) To make life really easy, pop down to RD1 in Oteha Valley Road in Albany and purchase a tank indicator. It was the best thing we ever did - guarantee you won't regret it! For detailed information about keeping your drinking water safe and free from contamination, refer to the Ministry of Health 'Water collection tanks and safe household water' brochure here