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January 2022: Delivery Update

We presently have a couple of days delivery lead time. Our availability changes based on many factors, including the weather.

Weather forecasting is not perfect and whatever app you use to view predicted rainfalls will have some error as while forecasts are broadly very accurate, they can be wide of the mark for some areas. Coatesville is a great example of this. It might be raining in Coatesville but take a drive to Greenhithe on the same day and its dry. The reverse also occurs.

Our best advice is to keep a sharp eye on your tank level and place an order when it is around a third full. That way you don’t need to second guess the weather forecast, especially if rainfall only delivers a few millimetres. If you have any enquiries about delivery lead times, please get in touch. We can give you an up-to-date availability for delivery.


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